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Johnathon Williams is a writer, poet, and web maker. These are his current projects.

Notes on Failure, a Weekly Dispatch

Hi, I'm Johnathon. I've written for lots of different publications, but these days all my writing starts in my newsletter. Sometimes it will make you laugh until unfortunate things drip from your nose onto your phone. Other times it will make you ugly cry until even your Uber driver becomes concerned. My lawyer says these are all your problems. You can learn more about it, or sign up below.

Johnathon Williams is one of the few writers today using a computer keyboard as an emotional hammer. Each installment of "Notes on Failure" is witty, acerbic, and guaranteed to make you laugh once you've stopped crying.

My First Book

My first collection of poems, The Road to Happiness, was published in 2012 by Antilever Press. The very gracious Katrina Vandenberg wrote a foreword that still makes me blush.

You can buy a copy from Amazon or directly from the publisher.

Listen to me reading a few poems from the book:

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Gifetry, a poetry bot

If you have the Twitter, check out Gifetry, a poetry bot that I created. Gifetry pairs excerpts from classic poems with animated Gifs from around the Internet. She tries to make a reasonably smart match through keyword analysis of the poem. Sometimes the results are poignant, sometimes silly. Either way she's a lot of fun.

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